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I honestly didn't think we were allowed to necro bump threads, I guess we can now since it's a sales thread?
Still, necrobumping a thread just to laugh at others over a sales prediction no less, is something I find a little sad to be honest.

@Ryng: Sorry if my previous posts upset you (which I said a year ago?), they obviously did for you to quote me three (now four?) times on one game....

I don't come here for sales, I've stated numerous times in the past I'm not a sales guy, if I make a prediction I'm 90% pulling it out of the air. I don't feel I should have had to apologize, but I obviously did offend you in some capacity, but again... it's a sales prediction, this isn't serious.

I was wrong about Splatoon, I thought it was going to flop from day one, and I was wrong. I can admit that. Now let's move on.