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KazumaKiryu said:
PS4 in every country number 1 now. in all countrys in the world. XD

Well.... not in South America. 

Which countries specifically? I live there and hardly know people with an xbox one


Exactly. Im from Venezuela and the Xbox One is almost non existant. The X360 was indeed more popular than the Ps3 because of pirated games, but now that piracy is not a concern, people went with the Ps4.

Which is why I said Brazil and Mexico.

In Argentina for example the PS4 is easily outselling the XB1. Mainly due to the year headstart. 

benji232 said:
Wait... so battlefront is over 100% overtracked on vgchartz? Damn... :/ Still good numbers though but not even close of the roughly 5mil vgchartz was predicting.

Actually Battlefront NPD sales are fairly similar to what VGChartz have tracked. 

Where VGChartz differs is with Fallout 4, VGChartz is overtracked by almost 1 million units. 

There are plenty of other examples as well.