BraLoD said:
Hahahaha I can't believe that.

Now they bring PC on the table to dismiss PS4, while it was never on XBO article and the XBO actually is the one who divids stuff with PC more often.

Timed deals are now bad practises when Tomb Raider was pointed as a good thing in the XBO article.

Sony not focusing holidays only is also a problem apparently, don't matter if it was always getting a good steady of games the whole year.

It always been good is also a problem, as it's not improving so fast because of that.

Things won't get better anytime soon, said them before that 2016 lineup, never mentioned in the article.

I... I... Wow, Kotaku.

Yep petty much this.

Ive always heard about how much of a shit Kotaku is as a site, and they keep on giving me reasons to believe that.