Just unloaded both barrels on the Xbox one article, they probably won't publish it cause it isn't very complimentary. Sick of these obvious attempts to subvert the natural course of the industry and the free choice of people. It is not informative and really doesn't reflect what PS has to offer in contrast to Xbox. I'm sick of typing in PS4 into google news to see; Forbes: PS4 used by terrorists, PS4 emulation is terrible, Xbox does BC way better, Destructoid: emulated ps2 games run worse in EU. Then these MS adverts disguised badly as an editorial piece from Kotaku.

Then you type in Xbox one during BF week and it has a long list of the best deals and where to get them, meanwhile when I typed in PS4 it had some arbitrary story that I can barely remember.
I really hope NPD is a landslide tonight cause I am just super pissed with the " games media".