I think both of those articles were pretty good. Written by different people, so when I read users complaining about Article A saying one thing while Article B has a different view on the same matter, I don't really understand.

I skipped the VR part, but I agree with pretty much everything else said in the article. As someone who is seen as an "Xbox fanboy" here, which makes me laugh, my problems with the PS4 heading into 2015 are still an issue heading into 2016:

The controller sucks imho. The thumb sticks erode very quickly, it feels like a cheap 3rd party pad. And I will never like the analog stick placement as much as I do offset analogs.

The network is not good. As the article suggests, the infrastructure is just not where it needs to be for the console leading the industry imho. Down times are common, download speeds are laughably slow, latency is an issue in online games I have played. Considering we're paying for access now, it should be drastically improved from PS3 but it simply is not.

The games are lacking. As someone who owns a WiiU and an Xbone, and prefers playing on Xbone due to controller/UI and placement of the console (in the main family room, as the wife and kids use it for Peggle, Monopoly, Hulu and Netflix, where as the PS4 is in the office since my 12 year old is the only one who uses it), there's little on the console I won't already have played elsewhere. This was an issue when I bought the console and 2015 did nothing to fix the problem. Especially since The Order sucked hard, and I bought Bloodborne but just did not click with it. If MS got FS to make them an exclusive Dark Souls type game, I would not be a fan of it either. There was nothing else except Until Dawn, which I do wanna try, but not at $60, and I do wanna support the dev by not renting or buying used, so waiting on a sale. 2016 does add some interesting titles, like Horizon, and Enter the Gungeon, which isn't on Xbone. No Man's Sky might also warrant a purchase. Last Guardian, probably.

I'm not a fan of the UI, either, but this is probably mostly due to just not using it much and getting accustomed to it.

I'm waiting on there to be some sort of SOCOM style PS4 exclusive that really grabs me and makes me use it more. I have even started getting games on PS4 I would normally get on Xbone, like Mad Max, Rainbow Six, just to try and use the console more. But right now it's just a Madden machine for me. I hope 2016 changes that.