celador said:

The PS4’s operating system remains largely unchanged from two years ago. It’s still clean and no-frills, and it remains occasionally difficult to navigate... The settings menu is still confusingly organized, and adjusting a given setting can still require a lot of hunting around.

Sony’s PlayStation Network works better than it has at some points in the past but still leaves significant room for improvement. The service goes down just often enough to be considered problematic, and party chat has any of a number of annoying problems, including hiccuping chat quality and NAT issues that break lines of communication between specific party members.

Last fall’s lineup was disappointing as well: Driveclub blew a gasket at the starting line and The Order: 1886 was delayed to 2015, where it would land with a disappointing thudBloodborne’s arrival in mid-2015 underlined just how much the PS4 needs meaty, acclaimed exclusives to make it feel like a competitive alternative to a gaming PC. 

Well, this IS Kotaku, but still...Jesus.

1. How is the UI hard to navigate? I'd agree if they said the PS Store was a mess, but the PS4 UI is pretty quick and clean cut.
2. When was the last major outage for PSN? Scratch that, when was it down last for something that wasn't scheduled ahead of time?
3. Is this author bringing up how games launched 2014 as a negative for 2015? Did they just list a delay TO 2015 as a negative point for 2015? Why does the release of Bloodborne read like an act of desperation by a struggling company?

LOL, just what the Hell.