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Originally Posted by Abdiel

Oy. So.

Closing in on Christmas. We survived the Black Friday madness, woo! And then now Sony and then suddenly MS throw the same damn deals back into the fray. Sigh.

Someone asked me how things went after the price drops came off post-Black Friday. Well, basically, the same thing as always. People cursing themselves for not pouncing on pricing, and then trying to haggle, but still buying stuff anyway, and accepting the deals as they were. Though, of course, it wasn't very long on the PS4 side before the price fell again, and we saw a rush of people coming in with receipts to price match. Nice of us, eh?

So. Star Wars fever is starting to really heat up. The discount including those Star Wars bundles... damn, man. I'm sure folks remember my Black Friday comments being somewhat quizzical on why they only dropped the NDC bundles, when it seemed like there was so many of the Star Wars ones ready to go, in store or in the back end... Well, they're in stores now. And they seem to be doing well. Very well.

Clarifying that: These are the regular ones, not the limited bundles. But damn we've got a lot of those fuckin' Star Wars bundles. Apparently they've also increased the advertising? People are mentioning lots of commercials (I don't watch TV, so I don't really know, but apparently it's all over the place).

XB1s were still selling okay, but were struggling to show the same kind of umph, though I'm sure this sudden price match will turn up the heat a good bit. I do have to wonder how much it will intensify things though, since it's just a price match and not a true marketing push like what customer's are mentioning. We're seeing Star Wars + Christmas madness, and it's getting more than a little chaotic.

What about you Cornbread, you out there?

(My store was not happy about my trip to the Playstation Experience, but hey, my one fuckin' vacation, they survived one weekend, hah, despite the normal blackout on vacation days. I just wasn't allowed to take the time as paid days off. Cheap bastards.)


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