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mornelithe said:
binary solo said:

I forgot VGC did that last year. VGC may have over-estimated the sales benefit of FO4 and may have underestimated the tectonic shift of CoD becoming associated with PS instead of Xbox. We should not forget that most X360 owners never owned a Xbox before and the CoD fans may have more loyalty to CoD than to Xbox (or Playstation), and so they will go to the console that gets the CoD support. VGC also estimates that FO4 sold better on PS4, that suggests PS4 got almost as big a hardware boost from FO4 as Xb one did.

Plus, Sony announced 30.2m sell-through as of the 22nd (iirc), so we know the numbers needed some attention even before BF.

That's probably a red herring from a NPD perspective because VGC's error with the 30.2 million is more likely to be due to other markets and not much at all due to the USA. After all, we do have a monthly check on VGC's US accuracy and VGC routinely adjusts when it is too divergent from NPD. 

Without trawling back through all the gen 8 NPD threads, does anyone have an idea of the current difference between NPD LTD and VGC LTD for the USA?

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