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Arkaign said:
medussa said:
Arkaign said:



Bear in mind that all retail LE Halo 5 sales and Halo 5 bundles are counted as 'Digital', so apples/apples comparisons to your typical "20%" titles are impossible.

That said, if we get some good leaks on H5 bundle sales and LE edition sales from the NPD guys, we might be able to approximate things.

By my own estimates I think the actual DD number of people not getting the game from a store in an LE package or Halo 5 X1 bundle would be more like 25% or less.

nahh npd is 935k including digital bundle copies

otherwise the ratio would be even bigger

NPD doesn't officially count Bundles though in the software rankings. So every Halo 5 bundle sold is a digital 'sale' of Halo 5, even if the Halo 5 bundle didn't sell super well.

they do not include them in the top 10 fihures, but they count every hardware bundle seperately
and that 935k number from insiders include then 120k bundle copies, or whatever the number was. i do not remeber.