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Soonerman said:
I saw a great quote on IGN btw which brings me to the question, why are you fans still defending their decision to do this episodic/in parts because"they can't fit it in one disc.'?

"if Bethesda with much less money than Square can fit Elder Scrolls Skyrim with all its details and intricacies, FF7 can too. Square just likes money more than Bethesda."

Not  really comparable. Elderscrolls has lots  of spoken narrative and is huge but ultimately its a sandbox game. FInal Fantasy is visual, setpiece and character driven (think Uncharted) and thus producing content is far more time consuming. I'd presume the characters and animation in final Fantasy are at least half a dozen times more time consuming then what we've seen any previous elderscrolls. 


A better comparison would be the Mass Effect series which offers about 25hours of core campaign with each game spending about 2 years in development following the groundwork the first created. Beyond that I don't think anyone see's it as impossible for them to achieve it, simply it'd take a awefully long time. Each Elderscrolls game spends about 4-5 years in development, FInal Fantasy VII remade to modern standards  would take even longer then that so a 2020 release wouldn't be unreasonable to expect. 

This real question is would fans rather wait for then, or recieve the game in parts possibly starting fall 2017 or even maybe as early as late 2016. Theres lots of variables but this is essentially what it boils down to.