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Soonerman said:
I'm surprised by how willing people are to give up their cash way before they even announce price. Knowing how SE loves to milk franchises, I expect them to sell this "episodic" content at full retail price for each part. For example, I can see the Midgar part of the game selling for $59.99 (aka disc) and so on and I guarantee they will make at least 5 sections to fully get their investment worth. I will not buy (or switch to PS4) until they announce and it's a fair price for the full game (meaning, it shouldn't cost more than a regular game which as it is, is already a rip-off since the full game is available for cheap on PC/ebay).

Well we don't know yet. A fair few of us are waiting for more details, seems this issue is raising allot of eyebrows and criticism already so it would be stupid of square to go the greedy route... Simply put, its a situation of are they doing this to do the title justice are they doing it because the game is too big or are they doing it to push as much money out of people as possible regardless of how greedy.  Varius combinations ect...

IMO, it's not like FF7 is some small game so needing more details is pretty much needed for any conclusions. This game wont be using pre-rendered back grounds for example and that alone would make the game vastly larger in size. the games length is also super long, number of locations, ect, so the amount of content they would need to make is also quite allot. It's also worth noteing Square in the past did say that a remake of FF7 would be difficult because of how big the game is. It was likely the number one reason they never did it before now so it may be that this is the only way they can see turning a profit.

Who know's, they really should have given more depth in their details but if the game is 1+ years away then it may be a little while before we have some clerity.