Now I get that this isn't a fair comparison cause we're basically comparing developers across 2 continents against just one little country.

But despite that huge gap in the number of developers, recources available to them Japanese Devs are really dominating this gen so far, atleast in terms of highly acclaimed games.

Here's a quick look at the highest rated games this gen, meaning 90+ metascore.

Note: For multiplatform games, I am using the score from the version that has the most reviews, usually this gen that means the PS4 version as it's the one devs send to the reviewers.

Metal Gear Solid V- 93

Super mario 3D World- 93

Bloodborne- 92

The Witcher 3- 92

Super Smash Bros.- 92

Bayonetta 2- 91

As you can see only one out of the 6 titles to get a 90+ metascore is from a Western Studio.


Now things may change next year with several of western games looking like they could score above 90.

The ones I think have a shot at that are:

Uncharted 4, Mass Effect Andromeda, Gears of War 4, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Dreams. I specifically say these 5 games because they're either part of a franchise that usually gets those 90+ scores or is being made by developer who has delivered a 90+ title in the recent past.

But the future also looks quite bright for the Japanese side as well, the games coming from them that have a shot at similar critical acclaim include Xenoblade Chronicles X, Street Fighter V, Zelda Wii U, The Last Guardian, Gran Turismo Sport, Final Fantasy XV. Yes I know FFXV is a controversial pick, but let's not forget that all main enteries until XIII have a 90+ metascore, so it does have the potential.

I'm a bit confused by why people are always talking about how Japanese devs have lost their touch, when they're the ones delivering the majority of the very best games.