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BasilZero said:

Follow this OP:

Helped me too few months back to remove the files.

You have to "Hide" it from the security update/program updates depending on what OS you have (Win 7 or 8.1) after doing the above so it wont download it again.

I'm keeping Win 8.1 on my laptop and will get Win 10 when I build my new PC next year.

Sucks you lost your data (data caps suck ;x) but ya its annoying that it automatically downloads it in the background lol.

Close call for me then, I was about to install that KB3035583 updte when I noticed your post and proceeded to hide the update while choosing the optional ones. I won't be using 10 till I see some more changes and perf gains and an eventual price tag next year since I don't want to lose my Win 7 key and do plan on upgrading some of my parts which win 10 will definitely disagree with and lock me out of.

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