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I think people forgot (which makes sense since it was in Japan first) that the first Yokai Watch didnt EXPLODED the market right away. It somehow got up to 1million coppies just before the second game released <---- which i believe sold around 1mil in its first week.

Soooooo Nintendo and Level 5 just needs to make the right moves in both regions. The same tactics as they used in Japan may not work similar.

This is quite hard to say........ But im guessing it will become popular FIRST in EU, but it will be MUCH MORE POPULAR in NA.

And Level 5 did make a good move to release this outside of Japan when there was no new Pokemon game releasing (Just PSMD).

Also i would note that if the Nintendo's NeXt console is releasing next year, Youkai Watch may find it hard to capture its audience since all eyes will be on this new thing.

Pocky Lover Boy!