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GribbleGrunger said:

I'm not going to be updating this much in the future but it's moving so fast at the moment I thought it was worth it. And it makes me look 'clever' because I predicted it ... ( I say that with humility)

1 hours since the last update:

#14 PS4 Black Ops Bundle (same)
#18 PS4 Nathan Drake Bundle (down 1)
#26 PS4 Star Wars Bundle (same)
#38 PS4 Star Wars Standard Bundle (up 7)
#42 XB1 Halo Bundle (down 2)
#53 XB1 Fallout Bundle (same)
#65 XB1 Kinect Bundle (down 2)
#76 XB1 Gears Bundle (down 6)
#85 XB1 Forza Bundle (up 2)
#89 XB1 Madden Bundle (up 11)
#92 PS4 Fool's Edition (down 6)
#95 WiiU Deluxe (re-entry)
#96 PS4 Destiny Bundle (down 8)
#100 N3DS (re-entry)

PS4 - 5 bundles, 5 in the top 100 (plus standalone)
XB1 - 11 bundles, 6 in the top 100

4 bundles already ahead from halo bundle and the month just started. With pre orders from BO and SW bundle and if this trend continues which i think it will, november will be a breeze for ps4 unless ms go crazy with those deals and promotions on BF.