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spemanig said:
Pavolink said:

Show me the quote confirming.

...You're kidding, right? You literally referenced the same quote, only you called it a dream.

Yeah, it was a dream because he WANTED to MAYBE absorbs the Wii U arch into the next machine, but that didn't happen. Now they are moving on. I mean, why would they want bc with the Wii U, a console nobody bought? If the games released on the Wii U weren't enough to sell the console having bc to play those are not going to sell any NX, so they are not going to sink money in this project. Now their priority is another one.

Nintendo seems happy releasing remakes and ports. They can sell ports to NX and won't have to waste time and money in bc with the Wii U.

Anyway, the quote I refer never confirmed anything, that's why I wanted to see your source.

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