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Pavolink said:
spemanig said:
Pavolink said:

No, it won't. There's no point and we deserve a real console not gimped because bc.

Yes, it will. It's absorbing the Wii U architecture, so discard your dreams of it not being "gimped" by old hardware now.

Confirmed? No. That was another dream from Iwata before the colossal failure it became the new console. Also, the patents have gladly show us there's no disc drive, so no bc. Thank god!

Although I cannot confirm  or deny that the NX will be backwards compatible, I do know this; Patents don't matter. Every company files them all the time, mostly to prevent other people from running with the idea, few patents are actually used in actual products. Well, at least in the gaming industry. Nintendo has hundreds of patents, ranging from weird and wacky to actual plausible products, but none of them ever came to fruition.