Get the right games. Really does help.

I know it sounds crazy, but when I get the "right" game, it'll grab me for hours on end just as strongly as any games did when I was younger. However hype and all that malarky end up pushing you towards games that you wouldn't normally choose, because they're the "best".

There's also the opposite problem, games end up getting slated and it puts you off them, even if they appealed to you. A recent example of that for me is The Order, which I eventually got for £15 I ended up playing pretty much from start to finish in one sitting I was enjoying it that much. On the otherhand, I often find games like GTA bore me to tears, yet due to the hype, always end up getting suckered into buying the next one.

So yeah, look at what appeals vs what is being acclaimed. It might help you find the enjoyment again :) and remember that you don't actually have to love every game you play. Especially as free time becomes something increasingly valuable and spending it on games that aren't doing it for you is just a complete waste.

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