DerNebel said:

It's not really something I'd argue about anyway. I feel completely comfortable with my opinon on Persona and feel no need at all to argue for it or defend it. Your opinion differs? That's cool, I don't mind.

Btw. I do respect SMT as a series for its darker stories, but I've only ever played Strange Journey and gave up after a couple hours, reducing the game to a pure dungeon crawler is simply not for me.

I would try another SMT game before you give up on it. Strange Journey lacks the presentation and production values that some of the other games, have. Remember, Persona is a dungeon crawler, too. Being able to see your avatar traverse the dungeons makes a huge difference in immersion. I haven't played SJ, soi I can't comment on how good it is, but the things turning me off is the first person dungeon crawling, which isn't an issue in SMT IV, random encounters, which isn't an issue in SMT IV, and no voice acting, which isn't an issue in SMT IV. And there's an explorable overworld, like in Persona. I'd try that one (or hey, this one) at least before assuming that the franchise isn't for you. Presentation goes a long way.

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