Dusk said:

Perhaps sucked is the wrong word. However, I disliked it very much. It's the only SMT game I have played and I was sorely disappointed with it.Not sure why I keep referring to it in the past tense, I still own it. But I don't plan to play it again.

Don't try to convince me to play it more to like it cause I have put a good amount of time into the game, more than I really should have since I wasn't enjoying it. It shouldn't be a point of forcing myself to play a game to get to a point where I like it or appreciate it.

Not for me. 

That's fine. I'm a huge fan of Pokemon, and I disliked XY very much, but I'd never say it sucks. It's likely the same situation, where the mechanics and everything are the best in the series, but that doesn't shine through to you because of how much it drops the ball in many instances. I loved the game, but it has many, frustrating flaws and I liked it more for the potential of the franchise than for the game itself. I dig the atmosphere, and the battle system, and fusing demons. Love the music, and the exploration, and the world building. I digged the story (in the beginning) and the characters (in the beginning). Then it dragged on for way to long, the story got worse, and the main cast became so one note it was a struggle to enjoy.

But honestly, I fear the last issue is more a symptom of the franchise's stupid law vs chaos story mechanic, rather than specifically this game as, from what I've read, the other SMT games are much more sparse when it comes to storytelling. Nocturne was, at least.

Either way, I welcome criticisms of the game. Much of my enjoyment of it comes from having never played any Atlas game through, let alone any SMT game. I just don't want to come off looking like I think the game is amazing. I think it dropped the ball. But what a ball.

Well, this is new.