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whatz3rname said:
I hope they (i.e. VGChartz) get their shit together and start to update the numbers on a regular weekly basis again really soon. Would be fun to follow the fall and Christmas numbers like we used to do...

I agree, but I wouldn't count on it.  This site is no where near being a priority anymore for ioi, and it appears that he's refusing to share how to update the numbers with anyone else.  I dunno what the deal is with him (and I'm well aware from the comments by the other people who work for this site that the issue lies solely with him), but he's neglecting this site and letting it completely fall apart.  Also, given how MS has changed the way they report their numbers to make it pretty much impossible to distinguish XBox sales from Windows sales, I doubt the numbers are going to come any faster than we've been seeing this past year.  At this point, the site may as well be rebranded to not include the numbers anymore, since it's the one feature that isn't being kept up anymore.