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ouch. Is it really that big of a deal if he butts in a thread and says 'wii sucks'. I mean cmon, he is pretty opinionated about the ps and so what. if someone does not want to argue with his claims, then don't. I have skipped countless arguements for that reason. It's not as if none of his points and counter points make sense. Quite a few are valid educated arguements, even if I think he is wrong. I think some people are just being babies and need to grow up. Basically because you don't agree with me and I don't want to hear your points you should get banned? wtf. This is one reason why forums piss me off. Everyone is too quick to use the gay forum labels. flamed. troll. banned. grow the f up. If you don't want to discuss a point or arguement then don't click the reply button. He states his mind and opinion. The whole purpose of a forum is discussion. Each should be able to discuss as they see fit. How many people on this forum have instantly went to actual insults vs. real dialogue. How many times have I seen a descent arguement by Kwaad replied to with insults or things like your an idiot. Is that how you debate or discuss? I cant even count how many times I've seen Kwaad called a troll when he was dicussing the topic in a perfectly correct manner. Now it seems he is just playing with the word because he is probably tired of hearing it. Too many childish fanboys here can't argue with any education so they immediatly call him troll or ?? whatever. My vote is be an adult and let the man stay. You don't like what he as to say, ignore it. You disagree with it, reply with an intelligent answer. If you think his response is ignorant and makes no sense, move on.