LOL guys. its just that the question kept popping out that is paypal happening yes or no and everybody assumed that it would be a monthly funding. and this reveals what is really happening.
interesting nobody asks the question:
if the paypal is going to be limited like kickstarter. then where will yu suzuki get the rest of the money. u dont have to trust the link. this is an actual email i got from the very source that im not giving to u. so much thx for giving news.
appreciation is far to find nowadays.

there are pages long on other sites about this discussion and people asume and make rumors. and i give the crucial answer. i was planning to release more news but i see how u guys work so i will leave it at this and look for other sites that appreciate my info.
im allready contacting a dutch site gamekings.TV those guys are thankfull.
and if i am allowed to release news they will be the first ones to get it.