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Not too sure on when Coney is coming back but I played a little bit on my own to backtrack a little on some areas that I missed, so think of this as a half update.

Since we're back with Zidane and the main gang, I decided to check out the Chocobo Forest, which I missed earlier, and try to get Quina some skills. I bought some new staffs for Vivi so he has a few new abilities now. I also noticed that I missed out on a ton of abilities with this party, so that's a bit of a pain but I'll manage.

I've picked up quite a few potions and tents from the ability grinding with the other party so going back through the Grotto and traveling around the overworld wasn't too much trouble. One of those Ironite dragon things suddenly froze on me and then disappeared, not sure what that was all about. But finding the forest was easy enough, got my own chocobo now which is really handy! I played the digging minigame in the forest, which is a lot harder than I thought it would be, but it seems like you can find some interesting loot and for 60 gil it's not too bad.

I went back to Qu's Marsh after to see what I can do about Quina, let him/her hunt some frogs for a bit although I'm not too sure if it was really worth the time but at least I got a few items out of it. I learnt how Quina's eat ability works so I managed to get a few abilities out of it, Angel's Snack seems to be pretty useful. Blue magic is interesting so far, not really what I expected it to be, but in any case I'll have to experiment more with it.

So that's pretty much it for this short mini-update! Next update we'll check out what's happening in Cleyra!