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Conegamer said:
Anfebious said:
Don't even think about grinding, that's for pussies. Macho men don't grind levels in an area to get powerful.

PS: Seriously, you don't need even need to grind, the game is (for the most part) easy.

For sure. The difficulty is it's slow and without a healer it feels rather punishing. Were Garnet to come back (she might) it would be fine, but you know...

Level 12 right now. Dunno what Blue is at.

Don't be afraid to use items either. I used to hold up on using items because I would think they would be useful for later portions of the game... and that's never the case. Usually by the end of the game you don't even need those items... so use them!

Also, exploring an area thoroughly is almost the same as grinding. You just don't do it conciously so, just take your time and explore each area (get every chest) and you will get those levels naturally.

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