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Goodnightmoon said:
vivster said:

It's gonna be tough for Splatoon to reach the million. It's gonna be easy for FFXV to reach the million. Splatoon may reach it but FFXV should have an easier time going beyond it.

At least it's what I hope. I may have to leave this forum if FFXV bombs below splatoon.

Yeah because Final Fantasy has been so brilliant lately, not like that mediocre game called Splatoon

What do you mean with lately? The last new FF was FFXIII, which came out  5 years ago. The sequels had to sell of course lower because they didn't have the hype and people now knew they wouldn't like them. FFXV is targeted at a different audience.

FF sells on hype and FFXV has currently plenty of it, partly thanks to FFXIII being not for everyone's taste. It's really hard to tell how well FFXV will do but at least the current signs seem to suggest a victory in favor of FF.

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