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GribbleGrunger said:
endy.G said:

in that case the list is even more ridiculous

Look, I just happen to think the PS4 will win August. You decided to emphasise your point by pretending the PS4 has nothing for this month. I simply provided a list to show it DOES have games for this month and believe the momentum from last month and the titles this month will edge it for the PS4. If I'm wrong I'm wrong but I'm not going to pretend the XB1 doesn't have a chance because I decide to pretend it has 'nothing'. Can't you differentiate between heated debate and unecessary argument?

i never said the ps4 does not have games
they just don't have anything that could push and impact hardware sales compared to the xbox one

that's why i only mentioned rare replay and gears and not all other xbox one games that will be released in august. they just won't matter in that context


ps4 has! games, but still nothing for the month of august that could drive hardware sales and have an significant impact