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Breaking even or making small profit would be a terrible business. $80 million bet for MGSV is seriously crazy compared to those low budget mobile games. Kojima is nothing to look up to as a producer if he really was causing the budget ballooning. MGSV could have single handedly buried new Castlevania or Suikoden games since that extra budget had to be taken from somewhere else.

And then there is the marketing budget, which could have also ballooned. Traditional japanese gaming industry has not been doing too well but Konami have straight up cornered themselves.

I cannot imagine toilet-free life.

Kebabs have a unique attribute compared to other consumables. To unlock this effect you need to wolf down a big ass kebab really fast, like under 10 minutes or so and wait for the effect to kick in. If done correctly your movements should feel unbelievably heavy to the point where you literally cannot move at all.

-Downtown Alanya Kebab magazine issue no.198