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bananaking21 said:
while 80 million certainly is A LOT. MGSV will make those back in just a few hours of sales and will easily be profitable day one.

Is MGSV that much a strong seller to profit day one?


Anyway, being delayed for five years is too much and with such big budget sans the promotion budget could really kill a company if this project flops and let's not forget about the opportunity cost that could've been by funding other games or even sequels.

Konami could profit $50 M on this game but they could also have saved half of the production budget too.

And no. Devs need to budget their games and release faster. We could've gotten a New Suikoden, Castlevania etc. but Konami had really bad management problems that I could see why they tightened up their belts around the people working for them to get things done faster.