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AlfredoTurkey said:

That's roughly 8 times what MGS2 was... and MGS2 sold a SHIT ton more copies than this one will sell. I can understand Konami's beef with that, from a cold hard business point of view. Game costs are just ridiculous these days and developers don't really seem to give a shit. At some point, either they're going to have to scale back or the indie scene is going to completely take over.

Having said all this... I think it blows that they destroyed the MGS franchise. Let us all sing the infectious Joan Baez song from the end of MGS GZ in it's honor.

The industry in general needs to get back to a point where most AAA games will break even with 1 million in sales. If games routinely need 5 million in sales to turn a decent profit the industry is in an unsustainable position. However MGSV, with revenue from Ground Zeroes should be profitable for Konami. Just not massively profitable. Perhaps Konami set too high of a benchmark for Ground Zeroes, and game Kojima an ultimatum: If GZ doesn't make $X within a year, you are in deep shit.

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