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BraLoD said:
Anfebious said:
You can counter Mudo and Hama spells if you have a homunculus.

I think the weakness system is fair. You can exploit it to destroy your enemies but they can use it against you too. I find it extremely engaging. It demands that you experience boss battles at least once to see their weakness and plan accordingly, that's pretty cool. In other jrpg's you can just waltz into a boss fight and win it in the first try (Final Pussy... I mean Fantasy).

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I can't counter them, the homunculus will sacrifice themselves in my place, but if you have a weakness you still get down and lose a turns and get exposed, and homunculus are not an early game item.

I like the system as a whole, it's a two edge sword, but you just have few means to prevent from a cheap death in the early game, it get's way better though, as I said.

Mudo or Hama are skills that you find in the mid portion of the game. But you have a point, homunculus are found much later in the game. I was lucky in my playthroughs though and I only died once from a Mudo/Hama skill.

The Mudo and Hama skills are frustrating for first timers though so it's understandable. The more you play the Megaten games the better you get at them. I'm pretty sure that Persona 4 is going to be a breeze now that you experienced Persona 3.

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