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As we all know, Youkai Watch is EXTREMELY popular in Japan. With every game it seems to become even more popular. Heck, we have confirmation that the game is coming to the US holiday 2015. But something seems to be odd. Nobody is talking much about it. I am aware that little was shown of the game but it is releasing in around 5-6 Months and hype seems very little for this title. I mean, I know Youtube isn't a qualifier for how well a game will do but the views on any Youkai Watch videos outside of Japan are rather small.

Nintendo is betting on a "Pokemon-like" debut in the US, but I doubt it'll obtain that status. I don't think it will do well in the US at all even with the Anime and toys. It just seems a bit left field for the US gamer in terms of the cultural barrier. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong. And I would love to see it succeed, I will buy it just because it is something new and Level 5 is responsible for the game but what do you guys think? Will it fail outside of Japan? Please, discuss.