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BraLoD said:
thatguymarco said:
I enjoyed the game quite a bit, but couldn't finish it because it got repetitive and shallow gameplay-wise, it's still better than most JRPGs in that aspect for the simple fact that the game lacks any sort of forced random encounters and has SOME strategy in it besides the "attack>beattacked>cure>repeat" pattern, but it's still quite underwhelming, maybe I'll pick it up again some day, right where I left off I mean, there's no fucking way I'll be doing all of that shit again.

It doesn't get repetitive if you don't want to, go straight ahead to the important battles and climb tartarus avoiding most of the shadows.
It's always changing because of their arcanas is always changing too.

You'll eventually be under-leveled if you do that, though, and I remember some bosses being especially hard even if over-leveled.

I'm now filled with determination.