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BraLoD said:
patronmacabre said:
On a different note, did you get a chance to complete the Akinari Social Link? That one was my favorite social link in the game, and it genuinely left me teary-eyed.

Yup, I only couldn't with Fuuka (damn girl was at level 9!), Mitsuru and Aigis.

I kinda knew he had already died when he gives you the nootbook. I was feeling it was a ghost, lol.
It was really sad indeed.

I got to know his mother also after in the last days, she was concerned about him not finishing the story because she couldn't find the nootbook because he gave it to you, damn man, I was really glad I went to explore that last days and found her.

Fuck that's a game, I was really glad, hahaha.

The best social link for me is the hermit arcana girl you play the mmorpg with on Sundays.  Meeting her on the final day was one of the funniest things I've ever seen.