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Miyamotoo said:
zorg1000 said:
Eddie_Raja said:
Another last-gen console confirmed. Honestly unless they can sell this for like $150 as a go-to secondary console I don't see how this will do better than the Wii U.

There are a few rumors going around and if they are true than it will be a $150 device with upgraded Wii U specs and an Android-based OS. To me that sounds more like an Apple TV/Amazon Fire TV competitor than a Playstation/Xbox competitor.

Nintendo already denied rumors about Android based OS.


Yep just like all companies deny things until they are ready to announce them. The same source reported that Nintendo was about to unveil a new 3DS redesign, Nintendo denied it and like 3 weeks later announced 3DS XL.

I'm not saying it's for sure true, just saying companies reveal things on their own terms.

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