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Well I'm not going to reply to 5-6 different people individually so I'm just going to flat out state my thoughts on this XD

I don't think Capcom would create another "Operation Raccoon City". After that game and RE6, they are taking a serious look at what fans want. They want to make sure their games are of utmost quality and they even shafted their plans for annual releases. Yes Capcom was actually considering the idea of annual releases and they wanted to be like Assassin's Creed or CoD. I am glad Capcom is actually NOT being greedy and care very deeply for the Resident Evil IP. Also for the record.... I am NOT trolling and I am serious with that statement.

That being said there could be a few reasons for this.

1) Something to do with Resident Evil 7 and we don't know it yet. It is possible that someone may want to revive Umbrella for their own purposes. I can think of about two characters who may want to do this for self-serving agendas and/or cover. (Not the same as the Neo-Umbrella crap that we all thought to highly of and then was let down by a crappy revenge plot)

2) A spin off OR a remake of one of the original games with the new style. Honestly if the walk speed was the same as was the amount of ammo and the type writers with ink ribbons are back. The behind the back view is far scarier when you hear those moaning sounds and can't see behind you. Crimson heads and hunters would be BS!

After all if you're worried about that style. Most fans will tell you that the Regenerators from RE4 are by far the creepiest moments the series has to offer. The time I tried to open the door and the door fell on me (I'm serious) in the room you first encounter it on the table... was the only moment I jumped. Even the licker jumping out of the one way window in RE2 didn't get me. I was so expecting that to happen. Actually the newer games kept me on edge a lot more than the classics and I was a kid back then.

3) Capcom is just renewing or putting a trade mark on the name "Umbrella Corps" because it's a short term for "Umbrella Corporation". This likely means we will see Umbrella in some shape or form in the future and would likely make one of the above statements true.

That is my personal opinion on the matters.