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Wright said:
V-r0cK said:

But a Resident Evil Outbreak style with up to off/online coop would be amazing.

Did you play Operation Raccoon City sol, random online, or with friends? The game wasn't all that great in general but played it with 3 of my friends and it was alot more fun so I enjoyed it quite a bit actually.

Played it solo.

A Resident Evil Outbreak sequel maintaining its essence would be amazing, indeed. I'm still waiting for Oubreak 1&2 HD Remake :(

Playing ORC solo is horrible, you definitely need some friends to play it to enjoy it.

RE Outbreak 1&2 Remake would be amazing and wish Capcom bring that back.  Felt like Capcom had the right formula going except the world wasn't ready for online gaming on consoles just yet, but now's the perfect time.