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This is very interesting in my opinion and it sounds like Capcom might be prepping up to reveal a new Resident Evil game in the very near future. Gamescom, Paris show, TGS? Who knows when but what we do have is THIS!

I think this is fairly interesting and it could mark the return of Umbrella. Does this game take place in past events? Or is Umbrella revived by someone with sinister intentions as a cover or to get the company back up and running for other purposes? Who guidance would this be under? Alex Wesker? The Family (ick), The organization (I doubt it they are a rival), A living Ashford or an old employee we don't know about? The original Wesker of the Wesker Project (doubt it, he'd be dead as shit by now). James Marcus or Spencer revived? (also unlikely), or someone entirely new? Or perhaps a known character that we never saw coming. Is it a spin off title or is this related to Resident Evil 7 in some shape or form?

Feel free to speculate and I'd love to hear what you all think about this. I for one am very curious to what this may mean. I suppose it could be an error or a rumor based on someone over speculating it's meaning, but for now lets debate on it as if it were real. ;)
Besides speculation is fun so why don't we all just get a little crazy?! ;P