heavenharp said:
setsunatenshi said:


third parties are in the business of making profits, there's no conspiracy there.

if they see there's no profit to be made on any given system, guess what... they won't port games to that system.

they ignore profits for bribery = unprofessional.

and please explain the companies that never released a single game on wii u but already had tons of games planned for ps4 and x1 before they even released.

i'm not quite sure if you're serious or seriously trolling.

1- "they ignore profits for bribery = unprofessional" could you elaborate what bribery are you speaking of? what profits are being ignored?

2- it's up to Nintendo to foster 3rd party relations and attempt to incentivize third party development. there's a long history with Nintendo and the way they treat 3rd parties... there's a history of how 3rd party releases are received by the nintendo audience too. when the trend in consoles is to adopt an X86 architecture to ease the development cycles and lower the costs of said development, Nintendo has no one but themselves to blame for how things turned out. They are not the big dog they used to be in the console market where they could dictate how the game was played. Those times have long passed since the SNES era.