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daredevil.shark said:
Goodnightmoon said:

Don´t know if the source is right but I´m expecting this and people should be expecting this.

They are aiming for a very cheap console that will probably be a handheld and a homeconsole at the same time.

People saying that will not get third party support because of this... yeah because underpowered consoles never get any third party support, run and tell that to the 3DS xD

3DS is in different condition than Wii U. In handheld there is "no competition". So by default its the destination of third party develoeprs. In home console? Not so much.


Because this console will be also a handheld, so it will get most of the third party support of the previous one (3ds), and it has the extra appealing of being a handheld, specially on Japan.

If this console gets stuff like Pokemon, Yoktai and Monster Hunter...  then NX just can´t flop.