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Alkibiádēs said:

Like Super Metroid you mean?

I played it for the first time on the Wii VC but gave up on it quickly, I found the whole world lay-out very confusing and I sucked at the bosses (I'm bad at 2D Metroid games). It has a great ending sequence though (which I looked up on youtube). I liked Fusion more because it was better/faster paced and it had a greater narrative/atmosphere. Not to mention better controls...

And call me a graphics whore, but I didn't like the graphics at all! Fusion and Zero Mission have imo aged much better.

Yeah I'm with you on that, I'd take Fusion and Zero Mission over Super Metroid anyday! Thing is, Super Metroid is a lot more popular :-/
The GBA being 32-bit really helped them make games that're much smoother than SNES games, while also somehow looking as good/better in some cases.
I can't go back to Super's floaty as heck controls after playing Fusion and especially Zero Mission. That's why I want them to remake Super, lol.