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MohammadBadir said:
Alkibiádēs said:
MohammadBadir said:
PixelPerfect said:
Can anyone give me a recommendation (or whether to stay away from) Metroid 2? I've got some extra coins on my Club Nintendo account and I was thinking I might try and pick it up.

Save yourself the headache and just play AM2R.
Metroid 2 has aged very badly IMO, It just isn't fun nowadays.

Nintendo should have just remade Metroid II instead of giving us Metroid: Federation Force.

Fusion is probably my favorite game in the series, only GBA game that ever made me scared! It did a better job than horror games. I really want to see a sequel to know how the story progresses.

Yeah, I'm with you on everything. Though a Metroid: Super Mission also would've been nice.

Like Super Metroid you mean?

I played it for the first time on the Wii VC but gave up on it quickly, I found the whole world lay-out very confusing and I sucked at the bosses (I'm bad at 2D Metroid games). It has a great ending sequence though (which I looked up on youtube). I liked Fusion more because it was better/faster paced and it had a greater narrative/atmosphere. Not to mention better controls...

And call me a graphics whore, but I didn't like the graphics at all! Fusion and Zero Mission have imo aged much better.

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