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Samus Aran said:

Prime 2 is the best btw. :p

Love the narrative, graphics, atmosphere and gameplay of that game so much! Some of the bosses are annoying, but most of them are much better than those in Prime 1. And it has the screw attack!

A bigger, better, more ambitious and harder sequel. The fetch quest near the end wasn't as bad as most people make it sound, imo it's much better and easier than the one from the first game, some keys were hidden very cryptical. Also, let's be honest, Sanctuary Fortress is the coolest looking place in the entire Metroid franchise.

I completely agree with you, MP 2 feels like the most epic out of the 3 primes. All the battles against dark samus (well expected for the final one) are some of my favourite boss battles of all times (the music is amazing). I enjoyed the level of challenge the game offered, it was hard but fair. Collecting the keys was never annoying to me, in fact I enjoyed looking for them a lot, any reason to keep playing a game even if it means to backtrack a lot I'll take it