Random_Matt said:
 I'm one of those people who believes if you do not buy the best parts for PC gaming, then there's no point.

I disagree. I have a mid-end machine. My GPU is better than the PS4's but definitely not top of the line - an r9 280x. I value having options more than anything else. If I want to record high-quality 1080p 60fps video, I can because I have my fast SSD with high write speeds. If I want to play a game at 900p 60fps or 1080p unlocked fps I can or 1440p 30fps I also can. If want to mod my Skyrim or Fallout to my hearts content, with no limitations, I can. If I want to play my old games and my new games - heck even console games through emulators (such as Dolphin or PCSX2) I can. PC is more about having more options than having top of the line hardware, in my opinion and I think most PC gamers agree with this sentiment. Open platforms just appeal to me much more than closed platforms when it comes to personalizing my experience.