FloatingWaffles said:
AnthonyW86 said:
To save anyone the trouble of watching, he gave the MS conference a 8/10 and Sony's a 7/10. Not to much to take serious here.

Also why all this focus on Hololens? It looks like great tech but i haven't seen one exciting example of what it can add to gaming.

Why are you getting so salty over someone elses opinion?

"He didn't think the PS4 conference was the best like I did so you can't take him serious". /s

Even if you're not a fan of anything Sony announced the amount of megatons for the industry as a whole warrants more than a 7/10.  I mean they revealed the first big Morpheus exclusive and it's not even talked about because people still can't believe the words "remake" the roman numeral "III" and the feathery beast appeared.

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