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Similarly pretty bloom and similar simple textures.

Kingdom Hearts Particle effects and geometry in certain places are beyond anything we've seen on Wii U let alone Windwaker. Compare 0:47 to the low poly geometry we saw in the December Zelda demo. The game as they built it wouldn't run on the Wii U, it would be one of the more plausable ports but gotta remember its running on UE4 which doesn't natively support Wii U

It'd be a lot of unecessary work considering 90% of Kingdom hearts fans intend on getting a PS4 in future of other RPGs (persona, FFXV, Type 0, FFVII, Tales of.... Other adventure games like Rime, The last Guardian,No Mans Land, Horizon). Maybe if NX comes out before KH3 would could see it happen as a joint effort between Nintendo and Square.