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BraLoD said:
Yes I played it before and after RoS.
Liked both to be honest, was used to the standard system already, but the new one was also nice.

I just want them to go for the next game rather than making more expansions to the 3rd.
If they do I can't see a chance of they dropping the next game still this gen.

And I play it in PS, not PC (expect for the 2nd of course).

I bought 2 Copies of vanilla on PC (one for my wife), RoS on PC, Vanilla in PS3, and UEE on PS4.

I play exclusively on PS4 myself... but sales don't lie. PC D3 > PS4+XB1 D3 (especially the XB1 version).

Anyways.... D3 was was leaked to get at least 2-3 expansions on some product slate several years ago. Its been fairly accurate on stuff far.

They also have to many signs pointing to at least 1 expansion: Scoundrel's story arch isn't complete; The discussion about skovos isles; the prime evils escaping when matheal absorbed the stone etc.