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Risthel said:
heina said:

who said that?
any offical statement form ms?

as far as i kow, there are still AC xbox one shipments to retailer
the bundle was also sold out at amazon in march, when they had the great nba2k15+ controller bundle,  but now its back in stock again.

but i suspect it will run out this summer
halo: mcc will become the 500gb bundle and the 1tb unit will be the standard sku

No official statement, just common sense. Making a standard sku with a first party game doesn't cost you anything, so that's why I believed The Master Chief Collection should have replaced the other bundle. I guess they saw that the MCC bundle doesn't have much appeal so they increased the production of the Assassin's Creed one.

depends completely on the deal ms and ubisoft arranged
it could be easily a deal, that is not based on units volume.
or they paid for 5 million units upfront and stick to this bundle, until they reach that number

that would make the most sense
why would ms still ship ac bundles, if it costs them a unreasonable amount of money?
and if the mcc bundle does not have much appeal, AND they still need to pay for the AC copies in the bundle, why wouldn't they go for a different first party game, or even another third party bundle?

all the stuff you are saying doesn't make much sense (in the eyes of microsoft)
and they're the ones who decide what bundles they make and sell.



they probably already sold over 4 million ac unity bundles, while the game is old and does not appeal that much anymore
codes are being sold for 10$ due to so much supply and less demand. to stick with this bundle for so long doesn't make in any way sens, unless it does't not cost them much, and give them value