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konnichiwa said:
I don't understand why people like these threads they are so pointless.

A very good question. The first few were new and interesting, admittedly more of the former than latter, but lately they're all pretty stale. It's a bit like hearing the same joke over and over. The first time it was genuinely funny, the second time it was still kind of amusing, but now it's old and stale.

Then again, I can only assume the reason people keep repeating the same stuff over and over do so because it's all they can do. It'd probably be best for everyone else to just pass along by as fans of this stuff are busily chewing their own lunch for the fifth time making preparations to dazzle us by regurgitating it for yet another reappearance but these threads are almost like car wrecks in that you just have to look and see the unfortunate folks who get suckered in and then brutally flattened like innocent ducklings attempting to cross the freeway.