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Carl2291 said:
Should have never been re-elected.

Every FA that voted for him needs investigating.

agreed. but this makes me wonder, if he was gonna quit, why didnt he step down earlier? why resign just 4 days after he got re-elected? 

the obvious answer is because just yesterday his seceraty general was implicated in the scandels. but maybe there is more too it? i know this might seem crazy but maybe he just wanted to win it just to feed his massive ego? to show the world that nobody can take him down? people with power tend to have this massive ego, and this guy certainly has it.


peronally, i hope he implicated in these scandels, so much corruption has been going on during his time here, and i bet my ass that he has done a great deal of it. he has been a dictator on the fifa organization and has harmed it much more than he benefited it. 

on a personal side note, fifa presidents from now on should be allowed no more than 8 years in charge.